Ask Mr. Locksmith Pick Open Lock Langley 2023: What is the Easiest Lock to Pick Open? Mr. Locksmith shares which locks are the easiest to open. Watch and learn it right from the horses mouth and become a professional locksmith in a flash.


Ask Mr. Locksmith: What is the Easiest Lock to Pick Open?

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Ask Mr. Locksmith: What is the Easiest Lock to Pick Open | Mr. Locksmith
Ask Mr. Locksmith: What is the Easiest Lock to Pick Open | Mr. Locksmith

Pick Open Lock Langley

Mr. Locksmith teaches how to rekey and pick locks like a Professional Locksmith. The locksmith student will learn the various methods of picking open a lock from Mr. Locksmith. Mr. Locksmith have been teaching locksmith, military, police, law enforcement and Fire Departments for over 30 years how to pick open deadbolts, key-in-knob, padlocks, filing cabinets and “pick resistant” and “pick proof” locks. The lock picking class will cover the basic methods are as “Rake,” “Feel” and “Rake and Feel” lock picking methods to advanced lock picking techniques to open locks with mushroom, spool, and spiral pins and how to use bump keys.

Locked Out Langley

The most common emergency locksmith call Locked Out Langley is the bedroom door being locked out by the kids, especially during night time. You heard it right. It isn’t someone in handcuffs, or some stranger trying to get into the house. Simple. Nothing fancy. As simple as maybe your kids slid behind the door and slammed the door shut with you not being aware about.

Locked Out of House who do I call

Ask Mr. Locksmith: I get asked all the time what’s the easiest lock to pick?  You know the easiest lock to pick is the one that you are running across most in your city or town. When i was a kid we had a lot of Schlage locks everywhere, so i became phenomenal at picking Schlage locks. Schlage which are and the commercial grade and the residential i could pick those locks because i grew up picking that lock now when I moved to uh western Canada the most popular lock is the Weiser I had a hard time believe it or not when I first got western Canada I because I wasn’t used to the sloppiness and the easiness of picking the Weiser and in the US when I am  there it is s all Kwikset. Kwikset I had no problem at all picking.

The answer your question what is the easiest lock to pick?  It is the lock you run across the most because you get the most practice on that lock. If I took all the locks that I played with what’s the easiest well it has to be the Kwikset not the smart key quick set but the Kwikset lock the the smart key has a lot of vulnerabilities we go into in other videos. The basic Kwikset are the simplest easiest locks to pick. Kwikset has mushroom pins in them and it just just gives you a little bit more fun picking them.

Most beginners Locksmiths

Most beginners all locksmiths very very few Kwikset you can’t pick so what’s the easiest Kwikset. The second easiest would be anything at the big box hardware stores go to that lock section there everything in there is super easy to pick. I have some future videos coming out.  I am going to buy every one of those locks and we are going to show how easy they are to pick open. It is a training video for my locksmiths showing them how to re-key, bypass techniques, picking techniques and drilling techniques.

The second easiest anything in the big box hardware stores anything made offshore almost which is Chinese made they’re just low quality low tolerances so I hope this answer your question what’s the easiest lock to pick if you have a question that you want me to answer in future videos just put it in the comments I’ll try to get to it so put your comment in there I’ll I read them I’ll try to make a future video on that have a good day.

I hope you enjoyed watching this video subscribe to my channel also visit my website and you can see what online locksmith training I have for beginners intermediate and advanced as well as my covert methods of entry and my non-destructive methods of entry. Ask Mr. Locksmith. If you have any other questions you want me to answer just please put it in the comments. I’ll try to do a video on it.

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Pick Open Lock Langley
Pick Open Lock Langley

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