Commercial Van Security Langley

Commercial Van Security

Commercial Van Security Langley: Are you looking for a commercial van security solution to secure your work fan? Tired of the cheap work van security products that just don’t work? We can help.

Commercial Van Security Langley

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At Mr. Locksmith Langley, we’re experts in locksmithing in general and commercial van security. Almost every day, we get calls about work vans getting broken into because they’re just not secure.

We have the solution. Click here to learn more.

Slick Locks Drill Free Van Locking System | Hockey Puck Locks

  • Mr. Locksmith Authorized Dealer
  • NO holes are drilled into vehicle
  • NO damage and corrosion to exterior
  • NO more traditional bolt through hasp design
  • Mounts directly to existing factory holes
  • Custom fit, stainless steel blade bracket
  • 90 day warranty against manufacturers defects
  • Easy installation
  • Slick Locks Blade Brackets, Spinner 360’s & Weather Shields manufactured in the USA

Puck Locks Langley

Premium quality Slick Locks PUCK LOCKS™ are constructed using heavy duty steel designed to provide the highest level of vehicle security possible. Our steel shank keys are much stronger and durable than the typical brass keys most manufacturers supply.

Mr. Locksmith Slick Locks Weather Shield
Mr. Locksmith Slick Locks Weather Shield

Absolutely love this slick lock. So I’ve got three doors so we get the bulkhead protects the front if they break in the front of the car can’t really get in the back. If they break in the front, they can’t really get into the back easily. So we got the slick lock on the passenger slider, a slick lock on the rear and a slick lock on the outside on the driver’s sliding door. We like to deckle up our trucks. It makes them a real target for me. It’s great for advertising. It also makes them a target for being broken into. Alarm the heck out of the truck, throw the slick locks on it, and it really minimizes our problems.

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Commercial Van Security Langley
Commercial Van Security Langley

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