Picking The Perfect Locks For the Zombie Apocalypse | Zombie Proof Deadbolts.

Picking The Perfect Locks For the Zombie Apocalypse | Zombie Proof Deadbolts: Let’s face it, a zombie death is a possibility for all of us. There are ways however to cheat this death and one of them is to strengthen your home against the coming apocalypse. Once you have made sure the structure is tough and durable, you are going to have to be very picky about your locks. It is appropriate that the suggestions we have for you are dead bolt locks. It really is the kind of lock you need to keep out the dead and be one of the survivors instead of the walking dead.

Mr Locksmith Zombies Proof deadbolt
Mr Locksmith Zombies Proof deadbolt

Picking The Perfect Locks For the Zombie Apocalypse

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You are going to want to make sure your locks are high grade steel and that it is installed properly. One zombie may not be much of a test, but when the horde is trying to get into your house and zombie after zombie is pushing against you door, your lock had better be up to the task. So really, one of the best ways to go is with a company that has produced some of the finest locks in the business, Schlage. Long before the threat of imminent zombie destruction was known, Schlage started producing seriously strong locks for many different reasons. It may never have occurred to them their locks could save thousands form having their brains eaten, but we thank them for it anyway.

The particular lock we are suggesting is the Schlage High Security Dead Bolt or the ABLOY® Protec Deadbolt. It is right for the job and the safety of your family from becoming zombies. It should be mentioned that if the apocalypse has not moved to your area yet, these locks are also good to keep out the more mundane threats of thieves and possibly violent offenders, other than the omnipresent zombies. These locks are lab tested pick-resistant and bump-resistant for your security. Neither thief nor zombie will get through that door!

Another lock that is recommended is a high security lock from Assa. They are tested for the same things Schlage is, and are the providers of locks and security systems for military, and industrial use. So an Assa lock can help you feel secure in your home, no matter how many thieves, or zombies are trying to get in. We would still suggest you go with the High Security Dead Bolt, because when the power goes out, it will be then that you rely on your lock the most.

So give us a call and we will be able to asses your home and risk factors to find the perfect lock for you. Our installations are reasonable and guaranteed against zombies. We want you to be safe in any situation you find yourself in.

Watch the video showing my favorite Schlage Deadbolt, Door Reinforcer and Strike Plate with three (3) screws to make your do Zombie proof.

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