Ford Mustang Keys locked in trunk | Mr. Locksmith Video

Ford Mustang Keys locked in trunk | Mr. Locksmith Video


Ford Mustang Keys locked in trunk

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Ford Mustang Keys locked in trunk | Mr. Locksmith Video. Go to for further information.

Newer Ford Mustangs that the owner has locked the keys in the truck do not have a truck lock and no passenger door lock. If the ignition key is locked in the truck the only way to open the trunk is either by picking the drivers door lock, using try out keys or making a mechanical or transponder key and turning the door lock to the unlocked position. When the car is unlocked via the drivers door lock, you then depress the trunk release button on the console and unlock the trunk. One of my favourite picks to use in the Lishi 8 cut ford pick. Note: opening the locked car with a car opening kit or long reach tool will not allow you to activate the trunk lock release switch. In conclusion, you have to turn the drivers door lock to the unlocked position and then activate the truck release switch. Removing the rear seat to open the locked truck will not work on convertibles and is difficult on hardtops.

Side note: Ford no longer supplies or has access to key codes for any Ford vehicle 10 years or older. Call your local locksmith for help.

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