Ask Mr. Locksmith: Will Police Help Rekeying a Lock? Wanna know what the rules is on that? Mr. Locksmith imparts some important tips that are helpful especially when you want your house rekeyed but you and your husband are having domestic dispute. Let’s find out if whether or not the police will help in rekeying a lock.

Ask Mr. Locksmith Will the Police Help When Rekeying a Lock?

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Rekeying is the process of modifying a lock so that another key can operate it while the old one can not anymore. It is done by changing the configuration inside the lock. The nice thing about rekeying is that it can be done without replacing the lock itself which makes it a more affordable solution.

Rekey Locks Langley

Police Rekey Locks Langley

This is Ask Mr. Locksmith and I just got off the phone dealing with a potential customer. And here’s the question. They have a domestic dispute, they’re breaking up, separated, divorce, whatever and they wanna change the locks. What’s the rules on that? Bottom line is, is I’m not a lawyer so you gotta talk to your lawyer. But here’s what we recommend, if you have a driver’s license showing that you live there and you have whatever court document saying that you’re allowed to re-key the locks or allowed to take possession of the house and you have keys, that’s basically what we need is you have driver’s license to show you live there, you have a key to the house, you want it re-keyed, pretty basic, pretty easy.

However, if there’s a disagreement between the different parties about who’s got possession of the house or whatever, and you have your court documents, you have your paperwork and you want it re-keyed then what we recommend is you call your local police, give a day’s notice if you can and then what you ask the police to do, can they come by and keep the peace? And what it does, it makes it safe for the person who wants the locks re-keyed, it makes it safe for the locksmith doing the re-key and what we can do is the police will stand by and keep the peace. They’re not taking sides, but they’ll be there. We’ll go in, change the locks and everything is good. However, sometimes let’s say there is a domestic dispute and you’re gonna lock out the boyfriend, the husband or the wife or girlfriend, whatever. Sometimes we call these heartbreak re-key.

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So you want your locks changed. If you have legal ownership or rental agreement, lease agreement for the property, and again your driver’s license to show you live there and you’re in the house with the keys, you call us up and we can re-key the locks. However, if we hear it’s domestic and you’re locking out a boyfriend or something, girlfriend, whatever what we recommend is you call your local police and have them stand by and keep the peace. We as locksmiths or anybody doesn’t want to be involved between he said, she said, or she said, she said, or he said, he said. What we wanna do is just be safe.

We’ll re-key your place and the police stand by to keep the peace. So it’s not unreasonable. The police are used to this. And we’re also sometimes we’ll get somebody’s been kicked out of the house, they wanna get in their property. What we say, call your local police handle this all the time, this is not unique, they do this all the time. So let’s say there’s property inside the house and you want to get your clothes or your property or whatever, the police will stand by, keep the peace so you can remove clothing and personal items.

Furniture Is Not A Personal Item

Furniture is not personal items, so don’t go carting off the TV set or whatever. What you’re gonna be able to do with the police standing by to keep the peace is remove your clothes and personal items. Again, not a lawyer, but talk to your local police. They handle this all the time. And it keeps everybody safe and it keeps everything calm. If you have domestic you wanna lock somebody outta your house, just your local police are very, very good and they’re used to handling this and they will come by and keep the peace. Nothing worse than when we’re changing the locks and somebody shows up and says, what are you doing?

I live here. Or she should be out of the house. It’s a mess. Call the police, have them stand by before you change the locks. And most locksmiths are pretty good. We can wait till the police show up. We’ll just stand by and get it all organized. So I hope I helped you a little bit. This is Ask Mr. Locksmith and be safe out there. I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Subscribe to my channel, also visit my website and you can see what online locksmith training I have for beginners, intermediate and advanced as well as my covert methods of entry and my non-destructive methods of entry.

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Police Rekey Locks Langley
Police Rekey Locks Langley

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