Ask Mr. Locksmith | The Best Residential Door Lock? A high-quality deadbolt plays a critical part of your home security, in order to get rid of thieves or burglars. Mr. Locksmith gives his opinion on what’s the best residential deadbolt to use. Come check it out!

Ask Mr. Locksmith | The Best Residential Door Lock?

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Ask Mr. Locksmith | The Best Residential Door Lock?
Ask Mr. Locksmith | The Best Residential Door Lock?

Best Residential Door Lock Langley

If your door locked you out and need a locksmith in Langley, call Mr. Locksmith Langley if you need 24-hour lockout services. House lockout, car lockout, call Mr. Locksmith Langley. Re-key door locks, door lock repair, rekeying locks, door lock change, Mr. Locksmith Langley is there it help.

Best Residential Deadbolt Langley

If one gets locked out he knows that it will not be an easy job gaining access through a residential Deadbolt. Most deadbolts, especially the high security ones need be drilled open. Additionally, there are times that you will be spending alot of time, effort and money trying to destroy a deadbolt. Mr. Locksmith Langley leads all locksmith services provider across Langley. Call Mr. Locksmith Langley (604) 330-9915

The Best Residential Door Lock | Mr. Locksmith
The Best Residential Door Lock | Mr. Locksmith

Ask Mr. Locksmith

The Schlage B60N is a residential version of a high-security deadbolt lock. It is rated Grade 1 by ANSI/BHMA, meaning it has passed the same hammering, prying, sawing, picking, and kicking tests as the toughest high-security locks that Schlage produces. Features: Unique Snap & Stay™ design Easy installation: One-person project; no extra hands needed ANSI Grade 1–professional grade security Biggest adjustable bolt available Pick and bump resistant Best Residential Door Lock Adjusts to fit all standard door preparations Quality finishes for lasting beauty Lifetime finish and mechanical guarantee Various finishes available Specifications: Deadbolt thrown or retracted by key from outside or by inside thumbturn.

Bolt automatically deadlocks when fully thrown Door thickness 1-3/8″ – 1-3/4″ Backset: 2-3/8″ – 2-3/4″ Throw: 9/16″ Strike: 1-1/8″ x 2-3/4″, round corner Strike reinforcer with 3″ screws Large thumbturn Keyed Alike Keyway: SC1 / SC4 Certifications:  Meets Grade 1 BHMA requirements Also, The New York Times has rated the  Schlage B60N as the Best Residential Door lock too. Professional locksmiths are offered a choice between this Schlage model and a similarly qualified deadbolt lock from Kwikset, they unanimously voted for Schlage.

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Mr. Locksmith Vancouver BC recommends the Schlage B60N is our pick as the best deadbolt for residential customers. This single-cylinder lock is affordable, widely available. Schlage is known to be a top maker of heavy duty deadbolts. It produces different models designed for various purposes.  Best Residential Deadbolt Lock What is the best residential deadbolt lock? It’s, this is not my opinion, My favorite Residential and Commerical deadbolt is the Schlage Locks B560 and B660 Deadbolts. I really like and prefer the commercial grade deadbolts. So we have a light-duty commercial, a heavy-duty commercial, and they have a residential version. And it has been rated by different magazines and articles as the best residential deadbolt.

Nothing really close to this one. It’s called the Schlage B60N Deadbolt. There are all sorts of different numbers that show the finish etc. So let’s just pull this apart and I’ll put it on the door and I’ll show you why this is probably the best residential lock, dollar for dollar. Now, if you know my videos, you know I love putting on the heavy-duty, the same locks I put on the hospitals and school boards and businesses, this is heavy-duty. It’s quite solid and it’s made by the same company.

So this is the Schlage B660. This is the Schlage B560, it’s a little bit lighter-duty version. And you’ve seen my videos on why I love these. These are more expensive, but they’re probably the best commercial locks. And if you look at your schools and your hospitals, this is what they are using in most cases. Now, for residential, this is a great lock and I am going to show you what we have here.

Best Deadbolt Locks for Residential

This is the B60N and let’s just see what we got here. It is a six-pin keyway. This is the Classic or “C” Keyway (SC4). Time Codes Ask Mr. Locksmith | The Best Residential Door Lock 0:00 – Intro Best Residential Door Lock 0:25 – Schlage B60N 1:45 – Unboxing B60N 2:00 – Adjust B60N Bolt 2:30 – 6 Pin Cylinder SC4 5:00 – Installing B60N 10:40 – W1 5 Pin Keyway Option 11:50 – Schlage 6 Pin vs W1 5 Pin 12:00 – Why do I like the B60N 12:25 – I don’t like Kwikset Deadbolts 12:50 – Ask Mr. Locksmith Mr. Locksmith™ Locksmith Courses: Business email: [email protected] Terry Whin-Yates is a 3rd Generation Locksmith with a BA (Hons) Criminology.

He has 35 years of experience in the locksmith and security industry and is a locksmith trainer providing On-LIne and Hands-On locksmith training to people, businesses and Law Enforcement all across North America and Asia. Terry Whin-Yates‘ BC Security License is B4227.

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