Broken the key 100 years old chest

Broken the key 100 years old chest: At Mr. Locksmith Langley we are being asked every day to rescue clients in locked-out situations. In this case the client has broken the key to a 100 years old chest. I told the customer how to solve the issue by herself and saved her $95 service fee.

Old Chest Locked Out


Broken the key 100 years old chest

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If you have broken the key to a 100-year-old chest, Mr. Locksmith Langley may be able to help you gain access to the chest. Depending on the condition of the lock and the type of key, the locksmith may be able to extract the broken key and create a new key or rekey the lock. However, if the lock is damaged or the key is extremely old and rare, it may be difficult or impossible to create a new key. In this case, we may need to pick the lock or use other specialized tools to gain access to the chest. It’s important to work with a locksmith who has experience working with antique locks and keys, as these can be delicate and require specialized expertise to repair or replace.

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