Burglary & Fire Safes Langley

Burglary & Fire Safes Langley

Burglary & Fire Safes Langley: Most home safes fulfill one of two important functions. Either the safe protects against theft, or it shields contents from fire damage. It’s a serious, but common, mistake to assume home safes with a burglar-proof rating also protect against fire, or that a fire-proof safe will foil a determined burglar.

If you need protection against both fire and theft, you need a composite safe specifically designed to meet both threats. To ensure a home safe meets both demands, it must undergo rigorous testing

Burglary & Fire Safes Langley

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High Quality Burglary & Fire Safes Langley

  • 1 hour fire protection and premium security (UL Class 350 1 hr, UL 1037 RSC)
  • Heavy duty construction – 2″ thick door and 3″ thick body
  • Independent glass re-locking device
  • Three stationary locking bolts on hinge side to deter prying attack on hinges
  • Heavy duty steel hinge
  • 3 spoke chrome-plated vault handle
  • Reinforced composite body with concrete and steel mesh (Optional)
  • Pre-drilled anchor hole (Optional)

Mr. Locksmith E1O-BS

Price:  $1208.00
Outside Size: 450 x 450 x 520(mm)
Inside Size:305 x 305 x 318(mm)
Weight: 75(kg)

Fire & Burglary Safe
Fire & Burglary Safe

Mr. Locksmith E2O-BS

Price:  $1609.00
Outside Size: 685 x 508 x 520(mm)
Inside Size:540 x 363 x 327(mm)
Weight: 168(kg)

Langley Burglary Safe
Langley Burglary Safe

Mr. Locksmith E3O-BS

Price:  $1750.00
Outside Size: 845 x 508 x 578(mm)
Inside Size:700 x 363 x 385(mm)
Weight: 276(kg)

Mr. Locksmith Langley (604) 330-9915

Langley Burglary Safe
Langley Burglary Safe

Mr. Locksmith Langley: (604) 330-9915

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Burglary & Fire Safes Langley
Fire & Burglary Safe

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